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Arc-extinguishing and fusing devices for fuses
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1. Arc extinguishing device 

Power circuits and high-power equipment used by the fuse, not only three parts of the general fuse, but also arc-extinguishing device, because this type of fuse protection circuit not only a large operating current, and when the melt occurs at both ends of the voltage is also very high, often the melt has been melted (fused) or even vaporized, But the current is not cut off, the reason is that in the moment of the fuse under the action of voltage and current, the fuse between the two electrodes arc phenomenon. This arc extinguishing device must have strong insulation and good thermal conductivity, and negatively.

Quartz sand is a commonly used arc-extinguishing material.

2. Fusing device 

In addition, there are some fuses have fuse indicating device, its function is when the fuse action (fuse) after its own appearance changes, easy to be found by maintenance personnel, such as: Light, discoloration, pop solid indicator.

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