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Classification of fuses
- Sep 10, 2018 -

1. According to the form of protection, can be divided into: over-current protection and overheating protection. The fuse used for overcurrent protection is the usual fuse (also known as a current-limiting fuse). The fuse used for overheating protection is generally referred to as the "thermal fuse". Temperature fuse is also divided into low melting point alloy shape and temperature trigger shape and memory alloy shape and so on (temperature fuse is to prevent the heating appliances or hot electrical appliances too high temperature protection, such as: hair dryer, iron, rice cooker, electric stove, transformers, electric motors and so on; it responds to the rising temperature rise of electrical appliances, The operating current size of the circuit is ignored.

It works differently than  "current-limiting fuse ").

2. According to the scope of use, can be divided into: power fuse, machine fuse, electrical instrument fuse (electronic fuse), automotive fuse.

3. By volume, can be divided into: large, medium, small and micro.

4. According to the rated voltage, can be divided into: high-voltage fuse, low-voltage fuse and safety voltage fuse.

5. According to break capacity, can be divided into: high, low breaking capacity fuse.

6. According to the shape, can be divided into: flat-head tubular fuse (also can be divided into internal welding fuse and external welding fuse), pointed tubular fuse, guillotine type fuse, screw fuse, chip fuse, flat-type fuse, wrap fuse, SMD type fuse.

7. According to the speed of fusing, can be divided into: super slow fuse (generally with TT), slow fuse (generally with t), medium speed fuse (usually expressed in m), fast fuse (generally with f), super fast fuse (generally with FF).

8. According to the standard points, can be divided into: EU-compliant fuse, the United States-compliant fuse, Japan-compliant fuse.

9. By type, can be divided into: current fuse (SMD fuse, miniature fuse, chip fuse, tubular fuse), temperature fuse (rh[block type], rp[resistance type], ry[metal shell]), self-recovery fuse (INSERT, stack, patch). 10. According to the size can be divided into: SMD type 0603,0805,1206,1210,1812,2016,2920; non-SMD type φ2.4x7,φ3x7,φ3.6x10,φ4.5x15,φ5.0x20,φ5.16x20,φ6x25,φ6x 30,φ6x32,φ8.5x8,φ8.5x8x4,φ10x38,φ14x51.