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The Development Prospect Of PV Industry
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The best way to use solar energy is to convert photovoltaic, that is, to use the photovoltaic effect, so that sunlight into the silicon material generated by direct electricity generation.

The photoelectric conversion industry chain, which is formed by the application of silicon materials, is called "photovoltaic industry", including high-purity polysilicon raw material production, solar cell production, solar cell module production and related production equipment manufacturing. PV industry, forward-looking Industry research Institute, "2014-2018 China PV Power Industry Market outlook and investment strategy planning Analysis report forward-looking" point out the abbreviation PV (photovoltaic). 76% of China's land has abundant illumination, the distribution of light energy is more uniform; compared with hydropower, wind power and nuclear power, solar power generation has no emission and noise, and the application technology is mature, safe and reliable. In addition to large-scale grid-connected and off-grid applications, solar energy can also be stored by pumping, superconductivity, batteries, hydrogen, etc.

+ Energy storage can meet the future of China's stable power demand. Solar energy is the most clean, safe and reliable power in the future, the developed countries are taking the development and utilization of solar energy as the main content of the Power Revolution long-term planning, photovoltaic industry is increasingly becoming the international after it, microelectronics industry after another explosive development of the industry.