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What Are The Conditions For Using A PV Fuse?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Photovoltaic fuses are effective devices for protecting solar panels, because when a solar panel is shorted by a variety of accidents, the photovoltaic fuse can quickly make a fusing reaction, thereby effectively preventing the current from continuing conduction, and avoiding damage to various electrical components in the solar panel.

What are the conditions that should be used to protect the PV fuses?

1, because the use of solar panels and light and temperature has a close connection, so if the rated voltage is greater than or equal to the expected minimum temperature of the installation site, then the use of the PV fuse rated voltage should be based on the temperature of the corresponding conditions corrected, the maximum voltage to choose.

2, the use of photovoltaic fuses rated breaking capacity is not lower than the fault current from the photovoltaic array, if the solar panels also have other power supply, such as batteries, generators or power grids, the PV fuse rated breaking force can not be lower than the fault current of these power supplies.

3, in order to effectively protect the solar panel, so the use of the PV fuse rated current should be equal to or slightly greater than the corresponding fuse rated current, so as to avoid causing irreparable damage to the solar panel device.

4, according to the installation of solar panels are different, so there will be different levels of protection requirements, so the need to use the PV fuse protection should be suitable for the installation site, and can not be lower than the relevant standards, but also to meet industry standards, to fully adapt to PV overcurrent and short-circuit protection. The above for you to introduce the four aspects of solar panels used on the photovoltaic fuses should be satisfied with a few conditions. Only select high-performance photovoltaic fuses, and fully meet these conditions, to the solar panel to play the most effective protection, so as to avoid accidental short-circuit caused by the burning of solar panel parts, for the normal use of solar panels escort.