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Fuse Use Repair
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Fuse Use Repair:

1, melt fuse, to seriously analyze the cause of the fuse, possible reasons are:

1) short-circuit fault or overload operation and normal fuse;

2) Melt use time too long, melt due to oxidation or high temperature in operation, so that the melt characteristics change and broken;

3) The Melt installation has mechanical damage, so that its cross-sectional area is smaller and in operation caused by fault.

2, removable melt, the requirements to do:

1) Before installing a new melt, to find out the cause of melt fuse, not determine the cause of the fuse, do not removable melt test;

2) when replacing a new melt, check that the rated value of the melt matches the protected device; 3) to replace the new melt, to check the internal burn of the fuse tube, if there is serious burns, you should also change the melt tube. When the porcelain melt pipe is damaged, it is not allowed to replace with other material tubes.

Filler type fuse when replacing the melt, pay attention to filling filler.

3. The fuse should be repaired with the distribution unit at the same time:

1) Clean the dust, check contact point contact situation;

2) Check the appearance of the fuse (remove the fuse tube) there is no damage, deformation, there is no discharge of porcelain flash traces;

3) Check the fuse, the melt and the protected circuit or equipment is matched, if there are problems should be promptly investigated;

4) Pay attention to check in TN grounding system n line, equipment grounding protection line, do not allow the use of fuses; 

5) Maintenance Check fuse, according to the requirements of safety regulations, cut off the power supply, do not allow live to remove the fuse tube.