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What Are The Superior Properties Of Photovoltaic Fuses?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

With the development of solar panels, photovoltaic fuses also play a vital role. Because a professional photovoltaic fuse can isolate the PV current in a short-circuit condition of the solar panel. Thus, the solar panel can not be a traditional fuse to do the full range of protection.

Here's a look at the advantages of photovoltaic fuses.

1. Comprehensive protection

 Because the ordinary fuse is to be at a certain current pressure to start and fuse, so that the protection of the electrical parts of the device will not be damaged.

However, due to the solar panel in the event of a short-circuit, the resulting current is not particularly large, it can not be effective to the ordinary fuse start, but the photovoltaic fuse can effectively break down the low-voltage current, so the solar panels can play a comprehensive protective role.

2. Fast fusing reaction 

As the conduction speed of the current is very fast, if the solar panel is short-circuited, if it is not able to fuse in time, then it will lose the meaning of protection.

Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of thing, photovoltaic fuses adopt advanced production technology and choose the performance of stable and reliable raw materials, so that their fusing reaction is rapid, in the moment of short-circuit can start the fuse, thus play to avoid electrical parts burned.

3. Wide range of Use

Industry-leading photovoltaic fuses are manufactured in accordance with international standard specifications, so it can be applied to a variety of different current ranges, and equipped with standard metal ferrule, bolts and multi-purpose circuit board, installation method can be based on the actual application of the flexible choice, so the applicability is very strong. 

The above three aspects are the main advantages of photovoltaic fuse performance. Through today's introduction I believe that you will have more understanding of photovoltaic fuses, it can also be understood that it is because this type of fuse can quickly occur fuse reaction, and at low current can also be started, so solar panels to assemble the use of this professional photovoltaic fuses, to ensure better protection of solar panels.