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What Is The Role Of Photovoltaic Fuses?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

With the development of alternative energy, solar panel system gradually into various industries, so the demand for high-quality photovoltaic fuses is increasing. Because professional photovoltaic fuses can play the role of ordinary fuses can not be replaced, so that the full range of protection of solar panels.

So what can photovoltaic fuses do?

1, for the protection of PV string The PV fuse is installed in the PV string wire connected to the position between the photovoltaic sub-array wire, and in its positive and negative pole position are properly installed, then when the rated current of the fuse is within a certain range, as long as a short-circuit installed in this position, the photovoltaic fuse will quickly make a fuse reaction,

Thus avoiding the wrong PV current burn out the PV string.

2, for PV sub-array protection

If the PV fuse is installed in the PV array conductor connected to the position of the photovoltaic arrays, then the photovoltaic sub-array is effectively protected, because when the solar panel short-circuit, the short-circuit current arrives at the photovoltaic fuse located here will fuse, thereby effectively preventing the short-circuit current continues to guide the photovoltaic sub-array.

3, for the entire PV array protection 

In addition, the photovoltaic fuse is installed in the position of the PV array conductor and the application circuit conductor, and installed as close to the battery as possible, so that the photovoltaic system and the wire can be effectively protected from other locations such as photovoltaic arrays or other connected power supplies, such as batteries or battery packs, such as the flow of fault currents,

This makes it possible to protect the entire PV array while providing effective protection for both PV array conductors and charge controllers. The above is the photovoltaic fuse can play a protective role. Thus, depending on the location of the installation of the specific objects are also different, and the need for high-performance photovoltaic fuses to protect the role to be based on the actual application of the situation to choose, only choose the most suitable to ensure the application of the entire photovoltaic equipment security.