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What Is The Use Of Electric Car Fuses?
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Electric car insurance is generally rated at 20 Ann. The actual less than 20 Ann will be broken.When the acceleration is too strong, it can generate a lot of current and sometimes it will burn off insurance. But this insurance is actually battery insurance. The interface of the battery is exposed. If the interface is shorted by a foreign object. Or the line of the battery box is worn for a short time, the protection of the battery is the short-circuit discharge.

is very dangerous. Light jump fire battery heat, wire heat. Heavy wire burns, battery damage or even a fire battery explodes. (The power of the battery short circuit is very large.) Do not believe with the wire to touch the fire to try, the spark is very beautiful.) Insurance is useful. Just as bad is always better than good.

That's why it's called insurance. The words are often burnt off. Replace a bigger insurance. For example, 25 or 30 ann. Can host the maximum current you start. But in case of a short circuit can still play the role of fuse protection.